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Irina Victoria Jewelry Founder

Hi! I'm Irina (she/her)

I strive to create a space where one's love for jewelry and their eco-conscious soul can coexist guilt free. By supporting my work, you participate in the slow fashion movement and help an independent artisan grow.

My timeless, minimalist aesthetic lends itself to jewelry that can be styled effortlessly and worn daily like an extension of the body. All designs are intentionally made to order or made in small batches to minimize waste.

Running my own fine jewelry business has been a dream of mine since I was 17 years old, but I took a brief detour to get a degree in microbiology and work in biotech. In 2019, I finally reached my goal of becoming a sustainability-focused fine jewelry designer.

Welcome 💖

My Mission

To design timeless, minimalist fine jewelry that is environmentally conscious.

I promise to fight for greater transparency in the jewelry industry through responsible sourcing, community action and continued education.

Proud Member of Ethical Metalsmiths and Female Founder Collective.

14k gold rings
marquise diamonds

Earth Conscious Materials

My designs feature recycled precious metals, post-consumer reclaimed diamonds and lab-created diamonds.

All of my production materials are purchased from trusted suppliers in the USA.

Additional information can be found in the FAQ section under "Materials & Production".


All designs are made to order or made in small batches. My studio is based in Los Angeles, but I also work with bench jewelers, computer-aided designers (CAD), and casters in Louisiana and Virginia.

Offering a limited selection of thoughtfully crafted jewelry independent of seasonal fashion cycles helps me maintain my vision and minimize my impact on the environment.

Handmade ring
Plastic-free and recyclable packaging

Low-Waste & Plastic-Free Packaging

It's vital that the brand's packaging reflects my mission.

I source jewelry boxes, tissue paper, card stock, mailing envelopes, cardboard boxes, shipping labels, and water-activated paper tape made from recycled + recyclable content.

I've intentionally removed all the extra stuff and only use enough packaging to keep jewelry safe in transit.

Giving Back

I love our planet, and I'm grateful for the wildlife that inhabits it.

Without them, ecosystems fall out of balance, which is an alarming reality.

That’s why I donate 5% of profits from sales to Wildlife Conservation Network on your behalf. Donations are submitted to the charity annually.

When leaders act like kids, the kids become leaders

Environmental Justice

I'm proud to call myself an intersectional environmentalist, and I love hearing your perspectives!

Advocating for planet Earth means caring for humans just as much as the flora and fauna around us.

Environmental justice can only be achieved when respect, safety, and fundamental human rights are guaranteed to everyone.