Custom design

From the earliest civilizations to modern-day society, jewelry has known no boundaries—crossing cultures, genders, and economic status. Our desire to wear fine jewelry has persisted for millennia for one simple reason: emotional connection.

Jewelry can be an expression of love, a celebration of achievement, or a remembrance of life. Every story is uniquely its own, so it's only fitting that you have a hand in creation! Whether you're looking to create something for yourself or someone special, I'm here to bring your vision to life.

Don't have a vision yet? That's OK. We can figure it out together. Working with a designer privately has a lot of perks. Most notable is the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback. There's no pressure to rush the process; production begins when you're ready.

Every custom design collaboration is hyper-personalized to fit the project's needs. Still, you can expect free-flowing communication, sourcing transparency, a little jewelry 101, and good vibes.

So what do you think—shall we collaborate? Consultations are free.

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Happily ever after re-imagined


customer review

"I could not be happier with my engagement ring designed by Irina! I have been an IV Jewelry customer for a while and absolutely love Irina's dainty and beautiful designs, so I had hinted to my fiance to have her create my dream ring. I'm so glad that he listened, and Irina managed to guide him through the entire process to create this beauty. I still look down at my hand at least 5 times a day to admire it."

Kaila C.

Custom design gallery

A taste of previous projects ranging from full-service sourcing to heirloom redesign

customer review

"I have a few pieces of Irina's jewelry from her shop that I love, but she recently made a custom pair of earrings for my first wedding anniversary, and they could not have come out more perfect! I started by giving her an idea of what I wanted, and she has so many great ideas that I hadn't even thought of. I have already gotten so many compliments on them, and I haven't even had them for a week yet. They arrived in perfect condition all the way to Hawaii and on time for my anniversary. Thank you Irina! You are so great at what you do, and I love all that you and your company stand for!"

Ashley M.

The 5 steps of custom design—

    Introduce me to your idea. Inspiration photos and/or sketches are greatly appreciated.
    We brainstorm design possibilities, I share jewelry 101 knowledge, and we start refining your ideal piece of jewelry together.
    All the design elements you selected come together in a definitive 2D or 3D render of the piece.
    It's official! Your vision is coming to life.
    Only a few more days until it's in your hands!
How long does custom design take?

Every project and person is unique, but, on average, custom projects require 2-3 months. Steps 1-3 take about 4-6 weeks, step 4 is about 4 weeks, and step 5 is about 1-3 business days. 

How are free consultations conducted?

Email is the easiest way to handle the consultation part of the design process. The inherent delay in response allows us to take a beat and consider any questions or add a detail we may have forgotten about in a moment of excitement. Once we've honed in on a design you're seriously considering, we can connect on a video call or meet in person if you're in Los Angeles. 

Can you provide an estimate?

Of course! I provide a ballpark estimate by the end of step 1. The final price is communicated during step 3.

How do I pay?

When you green-light production, I will email you a 50% deposit invoice. Once your jewelry is finished and ready to ship, the remaining balance will be billed. You can pay by credit card or electronic fund transfer.

Does my new jewelry come with a warranty?

Yup, a complimentary 6-month repair warranty is included. Replacement of lost parts may incur fees.


What are you looking to create?

Please note: custom design work requires a substantial time commitment and for that reason, I have a $500 project minimum. From start to finish, a typical project requires 8-10 weeks.

I do my best to respond to custom inquiries within 3 business days.