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The 6 definitive eras in my design and business journey

The 6 definitive eras in my design and business journey

2024 marks Irina Victoria Jewelry's 10th-ish Birthiversary. To celebrate in a fun and slightly embarrassing way, let's revisit my design and branding journey over the years!

1. My Teenage Dream Era (2OO4)

Aesthetic: Trendy, colorful, costume jewelry

Teenage me had a passion for DIY fashion. It all started with a simple pair of beaded hoops that, astonishingly, caught the attention of my classmates.

This was the first design I ever sold!

My friend dubbed my designs "Iringz", a play on my name but pronounced like earrings. I’d sell my creations between classes from a reused cardboard jewelry box.

I even dedicated my year-long "senior journey" project to starting a jewelry business. (You can’t make this sh*t up.)

2. My Rock Candy Era (2Oll)

Aesthetic: Bold, chunky, colorful gemstone jewelry

Defined by not knowing the f*ck I was doing but having fun nonetheless.

Almost every jewelry hobby starts with wire wrapping, bead stringing, and selling on Etsy. I was no exception.

3. My Side Hustle Era (2O13)

Aesthetic: Minimalist, metal-forward, demi-fine jewelry

From 9am to 5pm, I was a research associate sequencing DNA, but nights and weekends, I was learning and creating.

I transitioned from bold, colorful jewelry to gold-filled and sterling silver minimalism.

I did my first outdoor market event at Assembly Row in Somerville, Massachusetts.

4. My Be Kind Era (2O14)

Aesthetic: Minimalist, bar necklaces, demi-fine jewelry

I quit my job, and was officially launched! Shades of pink, toxic positivity quotes and girl boss vibes are thriving in the golden age of millennial Instagram.

My stamped bar necklaces—loved by bloggers and celebs alike (thank you, Katherine Schwarzenegger)—kicked off my donation-with-order model.

To this day, an annual donation is made to Wildlife Conservation Network on behalf of IVJ customers.

5. My The Bachelor Era (2O18)

Aesthetic: Minimalist, demi-fine jewelry

My designs were living their best life around the necks of the ladies on season 22 of The Bachelor, Bekah Martinez, Becca Kufrin and Tia Booth.

My bestie Lauren and I would frantically take photos of our TV screens. And Bachelor fans were spotting them too! I loved getting "Hey, that's IV jewelry!!" DMs.

I'm so grateful for this era because the influx of sales helped push me into my next one.

6. My Fine Era (now)

Aesthetic: Minimalist, eco-conscious, diamond, fine jewelry

Fine jewelry, that is. This era is defined by embracing minimalism beyond the aesthetic.

I prioritize the planet, people, and animals by abandoning trends + mindless consumerism and adopting slow fashion principles + non-coercive marketing. It's a tough way to make a living, but my people get me.

My goal is to create effortlessly chic and timeless designs you're proud to wear because of the core values behind them—from everyday staples available online to private custom designs.

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