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Sizing & Care

Ring Sizing

Our rings are sized based on standard US sizing. There can be a +/- 0.15mm fluctuation in size due to the handmade nature of our rings, but we work hard to stay true to size.

US Size Inner Diameter
3 14.0mm
3.5 14.4mm
4 14.8mm
4.5 15.2mm
5 15.6mm
5.5 16.0mm
6 16.45mm
6.5 16.9mm
7 17.3mm
7.5 17.7mm
8 18.2mm
8.5 18.6mm
9 19.0mm
9.5 19.4mm
10 19.8mm
10.5 20.2mm
11 20.6mm
11.5 21.0mm



Necklace Chain Lengths

Cleaning & Storage Tips

We like to use a soft bristled toothbrush, dish soap and warm water to remove dirt and oils. This works well on all types of metals, but remember to be gentle. You don't need to scrub aggressively.

Fine jewelry is delicate so working out, showering and sleeping in your jewelry increases your risk of damage or loss. We personally always take off rings when applying hair, face and body products as they can leave behind residues that trap dirt and dull your jewelry. As for the beach- beware- sand is coarse (read: sand paper) and can leave scratches on polished metals.

Removing tarnish from sterling silver
Specialty cleaning liquids sold at drugstores work well. If you prefer the all natural route check out this how-to guide.

Tarnish prevention
The more you wear a silver piece the less it tarnishes. Your body oils act as a natural tarnish deterrent. Silver jewelry is most susceptible to tarnishing when it's sitting around exposed to air. When you're not wearing your jewelry we strongly suggest keeping it in a jewelry box or air-tight bag.

Cleaning gold, diamonds and gemstones
If you're looking for a deep clean we suggest purchasing a Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. Some gemstones are more fragile than others. Double check guidelines before putting anything into the ultrasonic cleaner. Better safe than sorry!

Properly storing your jewelry goes a long way. We're big fans of jewelry boxes that have different sections so you can store rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in such a way that they don't get tangled together. If you like to travel with options consider buying a special jewelry travel bag. If you have any particular questions feel free to reach out to us directly. We're happy to help!