Bespoke Jewelry Design
Looking to have a custom piece of jewelry made? We're here for it.


Everyday wear. Whether it's a necklace, ring, pair of earrings or bracelet we are happy to work with you to create the perfect design.

Engagement and wedding. Throughout life we collect jewelry to commemorate special moments in our lives and those items stay with us for a lifetime, often passed down to future generations. We love celebrating love and we would be honored to help you design a ring befitting your partner.

Sourcing. We specialize in sustainable designs crafted from recycled precious metals and eco-friendly reclaimed and lab created stones. We stand firmly behind our mission to create fine jewelry that has a low impact on the planet.

Actualizing your vision. We have yet to encounter a request we can't fulfill. Odds are we can bring your vision to life as well. From traditional sketching to CAD imagery and 3D wax printing we can make it happen.

The process. The first step is filling out our bespoke jewelry request form. Irina will contact you to further discuss your request and at this point you can share any images you've collected as inspiration. Once the details of your ideal design are clear Irina can provide a quote. The consultation process is completely free of charge and there's no pressure to move forward if you're not ready!

Client Testimonials
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