Figuring out your ring size:

Have someone help you measure the circumference of your finger(s) by using something not susceptible to stretching. (ex. yarn or string will not give you an accurate measurement, but something like a trash bag twist tie or better yet, soft measuring tape is good.)


Use a ring you already own that fits the desired finger and measure the INNER DIAMETER with a ruler or measuring tape. Do not include the width of the band in your measurement. Calculate the circumference by using this formula: Circumference = Diameter x 3.14 (geometry throwback!)

U.S. Size Circumference (mm)
3 44.0-46.2
4 46.5-48.7
5 49.0-51.2
6 51.5-53.8
7 54.0-56.3
8 56.6-58.9
9 59.1-61.3