Let's face it, jewelry is prone to breaks and discoloration. Use these helpful tips to combat signs of wear:

Store your IVJewelry in an air-tight container or bag when you're not wearing it. This will slow down the effects of tarnishing (especially for silver pieces)

Jewelry should always be the last thing you put on! Direct exposure to perfume, hair spray, makeup, lotions, gels, etc. is not good and overtime the chemicals in these products can strip the metals and/or cause discoloration.

Take your jewelry off before exercising, swimming, sleeping or while at the beach. Why you ask? 1) Sweat and chlorine can discolor jewelry. 2) Who knows what you do while you sleep and jewelry chains can break when you're tossing and turning. 3) Sand is rough which means it can scratch jewelry. Just sayin'...

To restore shine to dull pieces the best thing you can do is purchase a specialty polishing cloth. A soft 100% cotton fabric can also work for touch ups. Lots of people love those liquid cleaners you can pick up at your local drugstore-- yeah, they work well, but what many are doing to create that clean look is eating away at the metal. Overtime that could ruin your jewelry! You've been warned.


We like to keep you happy so to do that we offer a couple services just for our customers!

We will clean and polish your IVJewelry for free! All we ask is that you cover the cost of round-trip shipping, which is peanuts. To make your life easier we'll give you detailed instructions on how to safely package your stuff and create a shipping label for you.

We repair your IVJewelry! Stuff happens. We get it. We don't want a little break to be the reason you stop wearing your beloved jewelry. It's not a free service, but it's definitely cheaper than buying a new piece. If your curious about the process and pricing, just reach out to us and we can chat.