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The Boston-based jewelry line Irina Victoria looks to create cherished pieces that accompany our girl through life's daily adventures. Our adornments range from romantic minimalism to geometric forms, but all share a common theme of elegant simplicity.

In keeping with that theme, our approach to the design process is local and lean. Most pieces are conceived and created under the same roof and our production numbers are small. In fact, many of our designs are made to order. Curating a limited selection of pieces independent of seasonal fashion cycles helps us maintain our vision and minimize our impact on the environment.

Mix, match, stack or wear alone, our jewelry is meant to be lived in. Worn day after day knowing the love and care put into each piece is done so for your benefit. If you can throw on your IV jewels without a second thought, we've succeeded.

Irina Victoria | (left) My family immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine so we could have a world of opportunities at our finger tips and the way I see it, it would be a shame if I didn't chase my dreams. Growing up I sketched with my brother, learned to sew with my mother and father, and crafted jewelry on my own. So, it's probably a bit of a shocker that I have a formal degree in Microbiology. The path that led me to this point has been crazy and can only be summed up by my insatiable need to do something special. If we ever meet, I'd love to chat about DIY projects and infectious diseases- ideally separately.

Lauren Margaret | (right) I am one half of IVJewelry, the other half just happens to be my best friend. Supporting Irina is easy, working alongside her is fun. I'm no Microbiologist but I love Marketing. Evolving from a friend offering moral support to Director of Communications, let's be honest, is a total dream. Any world where I can blog about Kim Kardashian, hang out on Instagram and help build an empire, is a world I'm happy to be a part of.